Sword Art Online Sword

Sword Art Online is an interesting Japanese novel series composed by Reki Kawahara and it has been altered in video game and an Anime. Sword Art Online Sword and other Cosplay props are popular. The famous cosplay products are available for the young nowadays. These Sword Art online swords are manufactured with wood, or metal. You can choose different kinds of materials swords to suitable for yourselves. They are highly popular among young boys who are interested in cosplay or Sword Art Online anime. There are two types, steel and wood. Steel is heavier than wood. Interestingly, all the accessories and swords are available at affordable price that are why Sword Art Online Swords and Cosplay Costumes are warmly welcomed all over the world.

Sword Art Online Sword

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Sword Art Online Kirito Sword

Sword Art Online Sword


You can click above sword art online kirito sword picture to buy one.

The fastest just 2 days you can receive.  The farthest global just need 7 days can be received.

Product Detail:

Sword is the same as with the original
Material: pvc, wood, steel
Length: 115cm
Color: Black
Blade length: 84.5cm
Handle length: 24.5cm
Not so heavy, suitable for most people
Exquisite appearance and superb craftsmanship
The tail of sword is polished, not very sharp, it can be safer
Customized including the length, material and color.
Customize your own sword by curving your name

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