24 Words BOSS War Assume Sword Art Online Kirito Reviews

24 words bloodshed scenes, I believe that is will not appear in any other one in the country of similar works with modern civilization. In the face of the wife being QJ, face to face is, indeed, is to understand the behavior of the protagonist, however work itself for the role of psychological struggle the lack of performance, but highlighted the BOSS were mutilated, broken broken upper body twisted expression and so on cruel details, is to cast doubt on the work with enjoy the view of the process, only the process of dismembered, and contribute to the cause of this behavior but seemed foil, is irrelevant. I have no special malicious in Japanese, and even a few minutes, see the attack on the Japanese brutal not change time and thought are overstated. Today, however, in such a pure light novel works for relaxing entertainment also can see such a scene, somewhat believe he the people side of the extraordinary. But I believe that this is just nature has no intention to reveal, not hinder I appreciate the whole of works by the constructed reality there is no good. The 2012-12-16 12:56:36 Wasabi (Freedom! Said good, think to strengthen the inner struggle, to draw on this fake blood would be much better a lot of the 2012-12-16 23:14:57 auric harder I stepped out of step, by positive cut down the sword. Must be township reflective up right hand are cut by I blow, golden sword attached to the wrist with high fly to deep black far away and disappear. Soon clear ground objects from a distance. “Agghh agghh!… my hands sigh agghh!” Though the simulation of electronic signals, but now as if real sense of pain is to attack the village. But I will not, of course, this is spared him. This is just a little punishment. Township shall then holding the right hand sent a moan, but I again hard into his body cross cut down in the green robes. “Goo agghh!” His strong body of fine degree of is from my abdomen cut into two segments, the sounds of heavy fall on the ground. His lower body immediately surrounded by a white flame and become ashes. I grabbed must township with blonde hair with his left hand and pulled him up. He can’t again big eyes that stare to flow tears, mouth opening and closing while continuing to township that metallic screeching sound. But his appearance will only make me feel abnormal. With a wave of his hand, my left hand will must township of the upper part of the vertical throw up. My hands hold big sword, a turned and posing to prepare spikes. Then towards screeched sound while fallen objects – “… uh oh!” To the sword out. After “cut Zi” 1, the body directly by the township shall be in the right eye deeply penetrated and throughout his whole head. “Ji agghh ahhh!” Like thousands of rust gear rotating at the same time of sharp cry echoed throughout the world of darkness. Township shall be a sword split into left and right sides in the right eye out thick white flame, the flame

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