A delicious Big Production, the Pit dad Sense of Viewing Reviews the Sword God Domain

A delicious Big Production, the Pit dad Sense of Viewing Reviews the Sword God Domain

Why look at the sword god domain? In addition to the name is good, a very important reason is that a frenzy of propaganda, even pop-up ads about it so much, don’t look at how line? Series straight into the topic at the beginning, gives a nice set, I like, real describe rarely, I like it, but what happened later on is not… Say first, just get a grandiose description in the description of the layer number, scenery meticulous, other time is very few, and anime is the same as the common, now is good Can also be in the music, particularly combat, really see person passionate, at ordinary times didn’t pay attention to rest time Story is pit dad, as the film adaptation of the original comic, the story is too common too old-fashioned, feeling or routine, before walking a little perfunctory feeling, the original king seems to be the recent shocks, if the original story is so old, it is really speechless, broad-brush outline, deliberately funny plot, the sense that gives a person is false, is not the natural characters more miserable, there are many characters in the play, but like the elder scrolls series, NPCS show up, and you together for a short period of time, and then disappeared, disappeared, you and he have no what relation, the plot also said they no longer, of course, this is not no, considering the main character is lone player, and barely speak in the past, this problem is that the people themselves too is very small, lead to character is empty, some emotional reaction also appears puzzling, for example is “to love and love”

In show in the first half of SAO, many characters like regimes in a hurry, the back part of the SLO… Or ALO, focus on the characters greatly converges to a few people, I can tell this is improved or is still a way, because in the second part is even poorer than the previous… If at the end of the SAO that back end, I will still to 7.5 as a result, the only advantage of the play is gorgeous screen, occasionally occasionally let a person have a boiling passion of fighting, occasionally find good music, and set a good actress in appearance, the hero of the sword is good too The overall score – 7.2/10.0 – why to develop love on-line… Very happy this wallpaper design is good Behind the ALO when he realized why the hero’s sister speaking tone and voice are so familiar with, carefully to find and my sister can’t be so cute in tung is very like, checked the proved to be… Boss war weak burst, male leading role (sorry I don’t like his name) and guilds grand master kumite is great, then half of the Boss is really failed… Seems to be designed in order to make the hero shows his manhood, he’s the hero save the United States, and let him abuse with her in the bottom half of the also became a decoration, when trying to escape, let me very hate this part of the plot design, two strange to see a sample, and her unexpectedly chose the route from the easiest to see directly run to the front of the machine? And, after a successful call the appropriate interface, press didn’t immediately, but carefully, press down at the rate of seconds speed of 5 mm? Results were caught throw back to the cage, the intelligence quotient is really belong to the knights of guilds deputy head of her? Anyway, the more to the back, the pit dad plot, legends of large production, has only such effect, very disappointed

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