Amazing Watch Dogs Cosplay Aiden Pearce Coat and Mask

Now, Watch Dogs cosplay has become more and more popular. The Aiden Pearce coat and mask are on sale in Xcoser, Would you like to have one?

Edward Kenway cosplayWatch Dogs of the scene in the real world analog modeled from Chicago. As the world’s shadow. One influential metropolitan Chicago, full of prosperity aspect of modern civilization, but still could not escape the rich and poor. From the shadows and violent crime, extreme contrasts let Chicago have complicated style, is suitable as an open

Also a real existence Vian engineering “Operation Virtual Shield” (virtual anti-shield plan),
Let Chicago become particularly apt place game set. The ultimate goal of this project is to make all of Chicago. Surveillance cameras all around the corner, so that thousands of centralized management and in series through a central system monitors energy
Detect suspicious activity, location, and can even combine face recognition system to strengthen monitoring capabilities.

As we know, Watch Dogs is so great and we could see many people cosplay the game in the comic con. Actually, AC4 is still very hot, I love the edward kenway cosplay so much.

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