Animation Distribution Firm ANIPLEX Completely New Project

Animation distribution firm ANIPLEX completely new animation project announced the initiation, the concept of website already on the line, but the titles of works, including detailed information is not open.

This website is scheduled on March 2nd officially launched, will also have the detailed published at the same time, held in March 30th in the photo exhibition hall ACE2013 anime show, when the main character will also debut.

ANIPLEX is Sony ‘s animation distribution firm responsible for the overall production, animation, investment and publicity, a subsidiary of A-1 Pictures’s animation. Prior to this, ANIPLEX has successfully make ” Puella Magi Madoka Magica¬†” ” Angel Beats ” ” Sword Art Online ” ” Idol master ” and other animated works become the topic and also accepted by the cosplay field, like Kirito costume and Asuna costume , in the animation industry issued today is undoubtedly the best. The ANIPLEX leading original animation is also worth looking forward to.

kirito costume

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