It is a Fashion Lifestyle to Cosplay Sword Art Online


There are many different views from different people about cosplay. Some people think it is a fashion style to express them, the other think it is a way to escape from the real world. Cosplayer will choose a specific character for himself or herself that he or she likes the best. With the process and the effect of cosplaying, a mutual relationship is formed through social and network groups. The character of the cosplayer can be showed one’s past, present and future. They are desire to cosplay what they might become and who they want to be.


Nowadays, it has been formed a fashion lifestyle to cosplay sword art online. The kirito costume has already seen in our life. It is not only a fashion lifestyle, but also a way to form a relation with others who likes sword art online.

The relationship of the cosplayers will differ to different cultures. In some cultures, it would be normal to become independent from others. It is also a process of discovering and expressing one’s attributes. One may view himself or herself as becoming the most popular of the group or least favored one. Western Cultures would vary in Asian cultures as to being more independent compared to being interdependent. The most important thing is given to the relationship and the self is mainly seen as an important part of cosplaying. Features of self concept also would include the personality, the skills and the occupation, the hobbies, the talents, and physical characteristics. So, the self-concept may change as time changes and in very extreme situation, identity crises would turn out.



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