Key Character Asuna in Sword Art Online

The sub-leader of the knight of the blood, Asuna has a stunning appearance with white and red uniform. In the SAO world, she temporarily leave the group for the honeymoon with Kirito. In 75 levels, she sacrificed for saving Kirito from the battle, completed. But her own body didn’t die, was imprisoned in the ALfheim online. In the novel fourth volumes, she was rescued by Kirito by using Sword Art Online Kirito sword. In real life, they become a happy couple.

Her father is a large electronic products manufacturers ” RECT ” CEO ( now retired ), her mother is a professor at a famous University.

ALO in the role of Undine ) nickname berserk healer, in addition to cultivate character — wind fairy Erica.

She became ALO ‘s strongest game player’s friend, after being gifted imparted the original sword skill Mother’s Rosario.




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