Sword Art Online and Accel World in China

Kazuma¬†recently revealed on twitter. ¬†”Sword art online”" Accel world” two popular light novels in markets outside Japan’s development, which as a priority among priorities mentioned was two in the Chinese popular, not only the author Kawahara with positive version Kadokawa introduction, become Chinese Amazon best selling Japanese writer, “Sword art online” is also the music network animation shown, attracted 80 million fans, display the Chinese presence in many SAO fans with Asuna costume and other characters costume.

” SAO ” and ” AW ” in the world market is also very powerful one of its:

Amazon China released their annual sales charts, Mr. Kawahara ranked third in the Japanese writers ( the first was Haruki Murakami, second is the mind development series, Keigo Higashino is the third ), and in the author list is ranked forty-sixth.

asuna costume

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