Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki Cosplay Costume

Asuna originally didn’t care about dying in the game, before meeting Kirito. That meeting drastically changed Asuna’s personality and outlook on life. She soon takes most things Kirito says to heart and looks to him for help, using him as somewhat of a lifeline. She acts as a tsundere towards him for most of Volume 1, even when married.

She logged in SAO after she borrowed her brother’s Nerve Gear when he had a sudden business trip and could not play on the opening day. When she discovered all the players were trapped in SAO she held herself up inside her room in «Starting City» for a week, before resolving to take fate into her own hands. This led her to kill monsters at an incredible rate and level up in a quick fashion, even risking her life in the process. It also earned her the title as «The Flash»? for performing as astounding «Linear».

Asuna costume

You can click above picture to buy an asuna costume.

Anime light novel: Sword Art Online

Characters: Yuuki

Package Includes: Jacket + Sleeves + Skirt + Stockings + Belts

Fabric: Uniform + Pleather


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