Sword Art Online Kirito Cosplay the Love between Kirito and Asuna

Sword Art Online Kirito Cosplay the Love between Kirito and Asuna

After the original SAO world, everyone will wake up, except KIRITO lover ASUNA important and some players did not wake up. Under investigation, KIRITO found ASUNA still sleeping in the game, but this time they replaced their own company to take over the ALO, KIRITO sneak into the game to save, this story is fiction 3-4 volumes, and there is no SAO fun, but as subsequent SAO had to mention the whole story. More interesting is the KIRITO feelings and sister straight blade, straight ye know my brother is not the elder brother, somewhat blindly, KIRITO also because of their own reasons not face sister. Brother and sister have a gap. Although not a pro, so many years of feeling thrown. Between KIRITO coma for two years, until the leaves have been worried about his sister, he was not actually his sister knew KIRITO elder brother, while struggling to punish him by his grandfather because KIRITO abandoned kendo, my sister would say his brother were working together, asked him to spare the brother, I think my sister might have been like KIRITO, just because of the family, when she knew not the elder brother, I hope the hearts of recovery, and lost in the love of. From his unconscious brother to play his own dislike of virtual fantasy game, which is the ALO, the two men did not know each other’s identity in the case of the team. Brother, sister, straight blade to help save ASUNA. She fell in love with the game KIRITO, it is no wonder, if love someone, even a thousand years after the previous year will still love him. Leaves are falling in love with a straight KIRITO soul. In short Finally happy, setting the stage better than SAO, story telling a tale, there is not much twists and turns, it considered Raiders sister papers, the addition of a crush KIRITO team members. Straight blade playmates and games that two guild boss is supporting basic bit-part player. As a result, the initiator of sanctions someone, ASUNA with KIRITO finally succeeded to escape. SAO event completely finished.

Asuna cosplay

Throughout the four volumes of the story, is the most admired figures, role KIRITO and ASUNA although relatively successful combination of the two is the most outstanding place. Human creature born with a particular aesthetic, the door first, looks, talent is an important determinant of the couple, and only the finest man and a gentleman is considered a perfect match. When combined with the charm of the role of the two when they meet the people’s aesthetic properties, they bring charm and popularity far exceeding the works. This is not simply rely on natural beauty, but also does not rely on plot development of the relationship between the characters, but do not depend on the character content. This is regarded as a people for the pursuit of perfection. Such as war Shoji La Goddess Lacus, the devil Luluxiu and witch CC, about repair and Ace Steele and so on. KIRITO with ASUNA also make people feel that they have such potential. Born is a couple. Combination of black and silver swords fine sword reflects the effect of a + 12′s. The story is always the fantasy lover among the most beautiful works of topics, character relationships are often more attractive than a single figure attention of readers.

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