Sword Art Online Kirito: I Like SAO

Sword Art Online Kirito: I Like SAO. Although some people do not like the sword of God domain, but I still like it, especially in the first half of very good music scene ah set ah are none, it was dissatisfied with the time jump, but I do not think there is a flavor friends.

Sword Art Online Kirito

But the main plot too little too fast Episode 12 Episode 14 Raiders two people get married after the game I was discouraged. Although time did not rescued care of the household, but the little girl behind the plot yimoto who look ah! And without such ah, obviously in front of a strong push asuna and kirito sister appeared only “sister” appellation how this changed the op, my sister has become the heroine of it!! ! I do not know my sister is in front Lvmao, I would like to see the op when they opened the male harem, but also, and this sister holding hands flying up asuna status is not guaranteed ah, later found to be particularly objectionable when the sister of a sudden, the production team to do so did Miss Day parade ah asuna run just like rags like you have lost it! Therefore, in order to open the back half and the male harem to minus points!

But because the first half is great, whether it is pictures or music scenes are like, so I was well received overall. This theme is really too easy to let ignorant teenager girls addicted, but also what anime is MMORPG game, or my favorite medieval European style, all of a sudden I thought before playing a game called Hunter MM, the deepest impression the only inside an owl, there is a bell that the stomach.

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