Sword Art Online Sword This Story in My Eyes

Sword Art Online Sword This Story in My Eyes

In my eyes this story (the sword god domain reviews)
Last night from 6 a.m. to 2:00 am finished watching the cartoon, what’s wrong with this morning always feel, feel deeply inside. I want to, I’m going to write something inside out and make yourself comfortable, rather than hold, or allow yourself to forget. Haven’t develop new words for a long time, because feel after this age, through the baptism of the years, grew up to be, carrying a lot of pressure and responsibility, how can have idea to see the new words? Last night, saw god domain sword, see from the first set 18 sets, no fast forward, bit by bit to look over. This morning was very depressed, only slowly recovered at noon. I this person, or don’t get rid of the old, very easy to sadness and depression. The flood, the beginning of the scenarios, in particular, is also in line with my appetite and I like the sudden change, directly into a new story, like campus implied record, special flavor. Originally life thoroughly, suddenly changed into the unknown areas to explore, to take the risk, let us from the bottom of the heart, out of the rules of the world, according to new rules of the unprecedented to handle affairs, has broken the original balance of the world, without any reference and experience, how good your new life. In fact, the sword god domain what attracts me is not the magnificent sword. Instead, stories of love, and tung his growth process, and of her lovely, strong and brave. Hesitate to fear of losing friends, and refused to join the guild, his brush, he was the growth of the environment and it really relationship, afraid of other people’s gossip, so their rush this new world. When the first set, when he left, I just think, he is how lonely, and not to be understood, how desire someone can comfort him, accompany him to talk about the truth. Online single brush, chivalrous man alone, one thing is very tired, very boring, but he still stood in the vertices, brush blame the night also is busy, work hard.

Operations team is easy to get, he have to pay ten times as much as one hundred times more effort to win. But he is free from the bondage of anything, let me think of the novel and its characters. Empathy, compassion, think I have the wrong is wrong. At this time, the silk appeared at his side, to comfort him and protect his fragile heart, a happy, intelligent, generous, smart girl, we all like it must perfect girl. So she quickly grasp my heart, like a seed, lacus, is the goddess in my heart. I admire their love, of course, cartoon film novel figure this stuff out, must be perfect, let us hope in love. Can cook, good workmanship, love study, kung fu is good, really is a top hall, next to the kitchen, but also cause family balance of good girl. She saw tung fragile heart, and his compassion, then accompany at his side, caring about him. Let his strong, this is I see a mature royal elder sister has a potential of special really good. Two people in the forest, the lake resort, reminds me of the honeymoon, how beautiful, how hope they stay so long, always live in this world, so boon conjugal love, grow old together. However, they have had to do. They also do not want to live in a fantasy of illusory, isn’t that like we are now? When the wire in the case of paralyzed, still as tung blocked the knife, I couldn’t stand the corner. Finally, the customs clearance of the game, tung people back to the real world, while the silk was unable to accompany tung people back. 14, under the sunset, two people about each other, comfort each other, kissing, tears, don’t have to describe everything, no language can describe, can only let us use their own heart to feel. In the world the most painful thing is this, clearly love each other but can’t together, life and death. A return to earth, one will disappear. So, tung people woke up, dragging unable to move the body, said the mouth, the silk, and silk, to find that her. This cartoon is really quite good, remember the last time gave me a deep impression is diffuse in repair, in the previous step is a seed, and after I left school into society, the sword god domain and leave a deep impression on me. This flood also have deep thoughts, just, the sweetness of love and the last of the sad, let I choose not to think what complete nonsense truth. Finally, I also want to find a girl, I very love and she understand me, understand me, don’t fear any reality pressure, brave with me together. So, I am willing to give up everything, together with her, cherish her. What you want, what you expected? I want a stable life, quietly looked at me and people around me, slowly old.

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