What is the Ending of Sword Art Online

For SAO fans, have you imaged what the SAO ending is?

The ending is in the 75 layer, Kirito finds Akihiko Kayaba’s real identity, who is the head of the actor and then Kirito fight with him. During their battle, Asuna helps Kirito with her Asuna sword, the heroine is also in the dangerous condition and forgets about her own rushed to the middle to save Kirito. Asuna is dead during the battle and Kirito is badly hurt and he also don’t want to live without Asuna. He asks Akihiko Kayaba to kill him, but  he finds himself back into the real world when he wakes up, and is in a hospital, there are a lot of pipes insert into his body without his Kirito costume, he is still remembered in the game world little by little, so, he thought he succeed come to game and so did Asuan certainly. And then both of them meet in the real life and live together happily forever. Happy Ending.

kirito costume

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